Building A Legacy

Building a lasting legacy starts with a solid plan, and every plan begins with an honest conversation. When you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen – about where you are financially, and where you want to be. We think of wealth as more than just numbers. The legacy you leave is much more than just financial assets and our philosophy is to work with you as a partner and advisor in working towards your goals.


Sell Discipline

When you invest your money, do you have a plan to “get out?” Nearly all investors have strategies for buying securities, but having a disciplined strategy for how and when you plan to exit your holdings is just as important.

As an investor, it’s important to nurture a disciplined, emotion-free approach. Legacy Wealth will help you develop an exit plan that has little demand on your time.


Income Discipline

A serious concern for many close to retirement or those already retired is outliving their income. Legacy Wealth partners are specialists in helping to establish an income plan for your retirement years and can help you identify the sources for both guaranteed and non-guaranteed income, as well as the amount you need to have a successful retirement.


Succession Discipline

You’ve built your business with care and it’s important to start the priceless conversation of its future without you at the helm. Many family businesses don’t survive a second generation, but having a clear plan for succession will help you ease into retirement, while helping to ensure the longevity for the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

A succession plan is not just for business owners, but for all investors. Planning your family legacy can be just as important. Legacy Wealth can help you leave a lasting impact on your family and favored charities, one that reflects your values and lifetime achievements.


Specialists and Strategic Partners

Legacy Wealth Group believes in connecting you with the specialists who can complete your legacy plan, which is why the Legacy Wealth team helps connect you with experienced insurance agents.

You cannot think about your long term planning goals without considering how health insurance might fit into the mix. Legacy Wealth will help you navigate your Medicare, long-term care, and retirement health care options.

Beyond the services provided by Legacy Wealth Group, our clients often require additional consultation. Because we believe in specialization as much as we value convenience, Legacy Wealth is happy to refer you to trusted experts such as estate planners, business attorneys, or CPAs.



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